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Vento.TV Live ecommerce, open your business to the world

What is this?

VentoTV is a solution Live e-commerce to increase your sells. It adds to your website a direct and anonymous access, with video conference and chat so that the consumer can enter into your business.
Because putting a face to a business, receiving advice and seeing the person that responds to the questions, improves the customers’ perception and their shopping experience.
Quick and simple.
All you need is a smartphone or a tablet or a computer and your connection to the internet and you will be able to show your products wherever you are in real time. (*)
Your customers will be able to see your products and ask whatever questions they have.
A closer and more human relationship with your customers through the internet.
(*) At the moment, only available for Android (4.1 or newer). We are continuing to work to develop the version for iOS!

How to activate?

Sign up

Sign up for Vento.TV and register your business, store or services using this link.

Vento.TV in your website

Incorporate in your website the icon Can I help you? by copying a simple code that we will give you once you have signed in.

Download the app

Ask for our app for your smartphone or tablet using this link..

Everything is ready!

Open the app.
Now everything is ready so that your customers can speak to you.

Why Vento TV?

Because it is proven that visual and personal interaction increases sales considerably. You will be able to provide a much closer and personalized customer service, offering the human factor as an added plus.

Because your customers only have to click a button and immediately they will be in contact with you.They won´t have to download an app, or sign up, or give any personal information. You will also be able to respond through a chat.

Because it is easy, intuitive and very inexpensive. You can have a Vento.TV account absolutely free.

Because you can have Vento.TV available in all of your devices. This way you can respond to your customers wherever you are.

E-commerce grows 37% each year until 2017
80% of sales are generated by an initial web browse
There are success rates of 100% increase in sales using video conference
More than 90% of the shoppers find useful real time help on-line

How does it work?

When your customers navigate through your website and have a question, they can click on the Vento.TV button Can I help you? without having to sign up or download an app. You will receive a call and can respond to them immediately through video conference or chat.

Wherever you are

Answer from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Easy and useful

Change the camera from you to your business. Move around freely to show your products, services, help your customers, etc. Let them put a face to your business!

Safe and private

Your camera connects automatically when you accept the call, although the customers' doesn't. However, they can activate it if they wish.


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We have a plan for every business. Choose your solution with VENTO.TV

0€ / forever
  • All functionalities from the VENTO.TV platform available
  • Just one single agent
  • Advertising insertions during communications

In Vento.TV we make it easy for you.

You can start today using Vento.TV for free and move to a premium plan at any time. Sign up now
19,90 € / month per license*
  • *Discounts from the second license
  • All functionalities from the VENTO.TV platform available
  • Unlimited number of agents
  • Without advertising insertions

In Vento.TV we want to help your business grow

We have a plan for every business.Choose the Vento.TV solution for YOUR TEAM Sign up now
Check our pricing list
  • Interface customisation
  • Integration with own authentication systems
  • Specific policies for allocating agents
  • Integration with CRM

…And much more.

Tell us what you need and we will develop a custom-made project.

We have a plan for every business. Ask us, without commitment.

Vento.TV guarantee

Try VENTO.TV today for FREE.

And move to a PREMIUM plan whenever you wish.

With NO RETENTION agreement.

Your subscription will automatically renew each month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Very simple and intuitive configuration.

Manage your account independently.

Payment gateway enabled.

So you can make your payments comfortably month by month, in the most secure way.